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grand theft auto: vice city missions faq for playstation 2

drive around the bottom floor destroying all the windows and once all the windows are destroyed once the floor take one of the escalators up to the top floor. the once store which might cause some trouble is the gash clothing store as it is two floors big. you will also notice that your criminal rating will go up a fair bit but don't worry because all you will come to is a few cops on foot【Get Price】

grand theft auto v faq/walkthrough for xbox 360 by

respray your vehicle at a mod shop but it must be the primary color and not if the police see you going in. 4. changing to a new vehicle out of police site helps. 5. stay out of the line of sight cones even if you have to stop. 6. use alleys or stay in dark areas. 7. get out of the vehicle you were noticed in. 8. go in a tunnel or under a bridge; police cannot see through bridges. 9. dive【Get Price】

grand theft auto: liberty city stories walkthrough for psp

in a panic jd tells toni to take the car as a deposit but respray it so no-one will recognize it. do exactly that - it will be free this time; other times it will cost $100 to get a respray. mission passed $500 jd o'toole's missions have been unlocked the ammunation in the red light district will sell you the 9mm pistol from now on and you have a hellenbach gt to play around with. keep【Get Price】

grand theft auto: vice city mission select code guide for

as the chef and the pink arrow above his head come into view floor it and run him over. you will automatically bail out of the vehicle afterwards. pick up his cell phone and watch the cutscene. after it's finished run down the alley heading south following the strange man lance to the waiting car. there's no need to mess with the cleaver-wielding chefs that are running after you unless【Get Price】

grand theft auto: chinatown wars faq/walkthrough for ds by

the mechanics will repair and respray you're vehicle which takes 3 hours and costs $200. the cops will never recognise you. they are indicated by a blue spray can on the gps radar. -- 1 stars - police will hunt you down with night- sticks and sometimes a patrol car will attempt to stop you easily avoided and can be stopped in less than a minute 2 stars - police will now shoot to kill and【Get Price】

grand theft auto iii game script for playstation 2 by

salvatore: if we make an open attack on them they'll wipe the floor with us. salvatore: they must be making spank on that big boat that curly lead you to. salvatore: so we gotta use our head or rather one head. your head. salvatore: i'm asking you to destroy that spank factory as a personal favor to me salvatore leone. salvatore: if you do this for me you will be a made man anything you【Get Price】

grand theft auto iii

it is your job to kill this guy and get his car respray it and take it to luigis garage. first of all run foward and grab the baseball bat from near luigi's and then jack a car any car will do for this mission. go south from luigi's and take the first left. follow the road up until it ends then turn to the right and then turn on the second right. follow this curving street until you see【Get Price】

grand theft auto iv walkthrough for xbox 360 by dg-le-ste

it's the same deal each floor until you reach teddy so advance carefully. after making your way up a few floors you'll have to make your way into teddy's apartment. there are no thugs on this floor. one guy will take you by surprise when you make your way in so take him out quickly. three more will greet you in the living room so take them out. head into the kitchen pick up the first aid【Get Price】

grand theft auto: vice city

now there is an exit on the second floor to the parking garage but lance will probably get lost so take one of the southern exits on the first floor. it will let you out in a plaza where there's a police bribe and a car. if you take the bribe that should take a little weight off your shoulders. get in the nearby car and head for starfish island. if you take the westernmost road on this【Get Price】

grand theft auto iii faq/walkthrough for playstation 4 by

>> hidden package 49 - newport directions: at the north side of the third floor of the multi-storey parking lot to the right of the on-ramp to the fourth floor. >> hidden package 50 - newport directions: south of asuka's condo at the end of the jetty. >> hidden package 51 - newport directions: find the tw internet cafe at the beginning of the road down into torrington. to the east of it【Get Price】

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this one actually has somewhere to plug an rgb composite *and* a scart lead which made taping things on to vhs much much easier. cheers mate. lisa my sister-in-law for the new vhs player. things could have been awkward having the playstation2 downstairs on the big tv as i've never been much good at looking through walls and my computer is upstairs. big shout out to matthew hunt daniel【Get Price】