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re: piers under existing slab ss; cut out where the posts go dig your pier holes you can drill and epoxy some rebar into existing slab extending into the pier if you think it's neccessary hard to tell from here . go to search and look up "underpinning" and you'll probably find more info if that wasn't clear enough.【Get Price】

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build your deck on concrete piers and you'll have a solid foundation that won't heave or twist as a result of frost or poor soil bearing capacity. veteran builder rick arnold walks us through the how-tos of building deck piers.【Get Price】

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while a pier and beam foundation will rest on the stone located deep below your home a concrete slab will rest directly on the ground. for that reason concrete slabs are ideal for homes that are being built on flat lots. concrete slabs can be constructed very easily and are cheaper than pier and beam foundations.【Get Price】

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editor's note: the first part of this two-part series described how to design properly-sized deck footings. here the author discusses excavating pitfalls and how to form and pour the concrete piers. footing holes can be a pain to dig.【Get Price】

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in this deck build series well show you how to build the slab forms mix concrete to the right consistency screed the pads to be level and then work through the different floats and trowels that are used to smooth and finish the surface of the concrete slabs.【Get Price】

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the deck will be cantilevered over the patio with the post footings within the perimeter of the slab. the slab will be 4" thick and the footings which are 20" diameter extend 18" below the slab. ideally i'd like to do a monolithic pour to cut down on time and costs pouring the footings and slab at once .【Get Price】

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i'll also add that a deck post like that concentrates enormous loads. simply placing a post on a patio slab is not a good idea. the post should be resting on a pier that's got a spread footing and is separated from the patio. also you need my stain solver certified oxygen bleach to clean off all the green algae from your deck post and your【Get Price】

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pier and deck slabs - precast concrete. only spmis precast concrete pier and deck products provide the strength and stability needed for longtime commercial use in the marine environment. online service how to build a floating deck on concrete patio【Get Price】

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perma-columns reinforced concrete deck piers which come in 4x4 and 6x6 sizes and in 30-inch and 40-inch lengths recently received international code council certification. the rebar-reinforced piers come fitted with a u-shaped 1/4-inch powder-coated steel bracket for elevating a wood post above【Get Price】

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building deck on top of concrete patio . taylor104. do you need to attach a ledger to house?or can you attach joists to the concrete? thanks for any advice. putting deck joists on top of a slab is a bad idea. as houstonremodeler explained you will invite termites pests rodents decay and other undesirable god knows what.【Get Price】

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deck panels. seawalls. advantages of precast concrete pier and deck slabs. besides the variety of precast pier and deck products the precast production process allows for impenetrable products with supreme longevity and durability. plus our products can be designed with weight in mind allowing our precast materials to counteract the buoyant【Get Price】

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precast deck pier solution a pennsylvania builder wrote to pdb to recommend perma-columns which are precast deck posts made with 10000 psi concrete. "we get to skip all of the messy small-job concrete stuff" wrote brook rush. "inspectors seem to like them and my guys love them." neolith adds four new colors to 3/4-inch slab【Get Price】

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how to calculate concrete piers by david thompson. save; concrete piers can support a deck porch house or barn in all but the softest soils. you must do some calculating to make sure the piers support the weight without sinking or heaving when the ground freezes. calculations also help you plan the amount of concrete.【Get Price】

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the important difference between the new floor design and conventional slab-on-ground construction is that the concrete floor in combination with welded wire fabric is a semi-structural slab somewhat similar to a bridge deck. the weight of the slab on its residential load actually is borne by the foundaton walls and the intermediate【Get Price】

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how to remove a deck post in concrete slab part 2: jackhammer. i measured how far the 6×6 deck post was set in the concrete patio slab. the bottom section was set just 2 inches in the concrete post footer and was a total of 13-1/2 inches below the patio slab. the good news is the post base has only a minor amount of wood deterioration【Get Price】