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a workman saws planks on top of a deck under construction. depending on the size of your deck you could save two or three days' work by installing new decking boards directly over the old ones. one important reason to avoid doing this is that the deck foundation may not be able to handle the extra weight.【Get Price】

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pavers can be installed on top of an existing concrete deck even if the deck is cracked. pavers are installed over sand therefore the new deck will absorb small shifts without cracking the pavers. the renovation coping piece has a drop-down face that will cover the old coping so you don't have to remove the old coping just cut it back. before.【Get Price】

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when deck boards get wet they do not get wet consistently. the wood on the top of each board is exposed to more moisture than the wood on the bottom. as a result the wood fibers on the top side expand more than the fibers on the bottom. this creates dimensional changes in the wood. wood warps in the opposite orientation of the growth rings.【Get Price】

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so if you're sick of looking at that old and worn concrete patio top it off with this simple and affordable solution: 1-877-232-3915【Get Price】

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decking is generally easier to install than paving and can be used to hide a variety of sins in the garden. it can be laid over an existing concrete patio without having to dig it up and with a bit of regular care can remain in good condition for many years.【Get Price】

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step 1. planning your decking. you could also lay out battens to mark the edge of your planned deck to see how it will look. when you've decided on the extent of your deck d a scale plan of the area. mark on outside house walls waste water soakaways air bricks manhole covers door openings and any trees or other obstacles.【Get Price】

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joist splitting. when you are staggering joints across a deck the joints must always meet up on top of a joist so that both pieces mount to the support. while fasteners across the rest of the board are put strht down into the joist from above the joist fasteners must be angled inward slightly to ensure they bite into the joist sufficiently.【Get Price】

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decking 5/4 x 6 boards goes down next. since this deck is wide it will have two parting boards running down the middle perpendicular to the decking. extra bracing between the middle floor joists supports the boards. mark the center of the deck and temporarily install the parting boards with a few decking screws.【Get Price】

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pavers on top of wood deck? discussion in 'hardscaping plywood than seal it with some type of vapor wrap. than i would lay some 1/2" concrete board and lay your pavers. if you can get some 1.5" pavers that would be the trick to saving some weight and also use the alliance concrete overlay sand. just curious what type of decks etc?【Get Price】

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video of the day. drill them into place and mount them to the deck planks below. cover the deck with one row and then add another row on top of that. cover the new deck platform in a layer of felt paper. cut it with a utility knife and overlap the pieces slightly. tack them in place with the handheld hammer tacker.【Get Price】

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trace the lines add extra pieces for areas larger than the board. once you have a complete template for the skirts lay it on top on a 2" x 10" board transfer the shape and cut. then cut additional pieces of 2" x 10" to fill in any parts of the template that extended beyond the size of the beam.【Get Price】

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ps: theres over 1400 decking screws in mine. get a decent pair of knee pads and 2 drill drivers one on charge while you use the other or hire a hilti gun and get some ring shank nails .. madness to sit and screw in 1400 screws the thing will fall apart through rot before the nails start to pop out .【Get Price】

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look. assuming the original patio had a fall away from the house. the guy is putting decking on top. that immediately will stop the sun from drying the slabs. if a fall on the decking is to be the same as the old slabs the grooves in the decking need to run away from the house. therefore the joists need to run across the front of the house.【Get Price】

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i want to put some decking outside a house's patio doors. there is currently a patio there and i want to make the job easy by building the deck on top of the patio rather than having to rip it all up. the one thing im concerned about is the damp course.【Get Price】

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i want to put some decking outside my house's patio doors. there is currently a patio there and i want to make the job easy by building the deck on top of the patio rather than having to rip it all up. the one thing im concerned about is the damp course.【Get Price】

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countersink the facing and screw to the frame making sure that the deck facing is flush with the top face of your decking. step 7: fitting the balustrading this step is only necessary if you are fitting balustrading to your deck.【Get Price】