10mm color wall panel of pest control

fallout: new vegas sidequest guide for xbox 360 by noz3r0

if you fix the elevator repair skill 50 then you can ride down to the pest control level else you have to make your way down through the various other floors. once you reach this level hook a left from the elevator and head up the steps to enter the lab. head through the nearby door to reach the food production section. go strht at the junction and turn the corner dispatching the giant【Get Price】

fallout 3 faq/walkthrough for playstation 3 by haeravon

in particular the 10mm submachine gun the chinese assault rifle and the combat shotgun are all extremely powerful especially in v.a.t.s. the fact that the combat shotgun has such a large clip size 12 rounds and deals as much damage as it does makes it overwhelming. this is the most versatile weapon skill in fallout 3 and regardless of what else you want to fight with you should make【Get Price】

fallout 3 quest guide for pc by absolute steve

you'll end up in a larger room with several control panels and repair pods for protectrons. grab the medical supplies from the first aid box on the wall and look for a big book of science on the control panels. make your way over the walkway into a small room on the southeast. look for a bottlecap mine under the workbench then continue into a larger room up east. ignore the lower【Get Price】

fallout 2

trade all that you got except 1 10mm gun and any jhp ammo. go to flick to trade for more 10mm ammo as you will need it to fight tyler and his gang. keep the locket you got off joey as later you give that to the ghost. now go back to lara. tell her about the party. she'll say if you want your money and more you have to come with them to the fight. you don't have to fight all you have to do is【Get Price】

fallout speed walkthrough for pc by whitechocobo666

go into the commands and then set pest control to large sized creatures set the robot sensors and movement to minimal so the robots don't walk around everywhere although they probably won't anyway . head right out of that room and head right further going around the passage to the north when you do. there should be a room with three dead mutants on the ground behind an orange【Get Price】

fallout: new vegas

the nellis array panels are easily found located to the northeast/east of the base. you require either a 65 repair skill or some array parts to fix the panels. if you have the required skill consider yourself lucky; you get to choose if you'd like to do the next part. otherwise let's get down to business. the parts you're looking for can be found in the helios one power plant located【Get Price】