deck built over driveway

how to build a deck over a driveway

feb 17 2015 building a deck over a driveway on a basement house with a garage door that is positioned beneath it presents some problems not associated get price free sample contact how to build a deck over concrete slab - youtube【Get Price】

quickie professional 12 in. wide heavy-duty deck scrub

professional 12 in. wide heavy-duty deck scrub brush. go to top of page button. product overview; clean your decks driveways and patios with the quickie professional wide heavy-duty deck brush. it is to course to do so. it will be good to scrub the deck off of built up dirt and all. hope you were able to find an answer by now from home【Get Price】

guide to deck framing

if you want your deck to be durable and safe you need to start with a solid foundation and a sturdy frame. get clear guidelines and time-tested techniques for installing concrete piers posts beams ledgers and joists to get your dream deck off to a good start.【Get Price】

how to build a porch over concrete home improvement

building a deck over concrete diy deck ideas learn more at the website above simply press the grey link for even more alternatives rubber decking deck building is one of the most fun projects you can engage in.【Get Price】

elevated decks professional deck builder framing

the basic types are stacked multilevel decks photo left and single upper-level decks figure 1 . loading and footings are more complex with stacked decks but single decks can be more difficult to start building because their columns are frequently taller. both are often built over sloping ground which complicates footings.【Get Price】

building a gravel driveway: 5 mistakes to avoid

you can build a gravel driveway that will cost less than a paved driveway but last just as long. if you don't mind the extra maintenance required youll find that gravel is a very effective material. keep in mind that for the novice do-it-yourselfer there are certain mistakes you will need to avoid so consider the following as you plan and construct your own gravel driveway.【Get Price】

building a deck over a driveway

can you build a deck over a septic field - answers for example they can't be under driveways or in a pasture where the ground . building a quality custom roof over a deck or patio should in most cases permits information sheets handouts - building and inspection【Get Price】

deck builders advise on how to plan a bridge driveway over

deck builders advise on how to plan a bridge driveway over a creek is a creek or a ditch cutting through your oakland property making it difficult for you to get your vehicle to the other side? there are two ways you can choose to solve this: opt for either a culvert or a bridge driveway.【Get Price】

building a deck over a driveway

building a deck - victorian restoration - bob vila. victorian restoration > episode 9: work on the driveway and finishing the deck. building the backyard deck. bob vila the great deck build: part 2 on reflection shingle. placing Seven Trust floors over concrete · concretehardwood.【Get Price】

building a floating deck over concrete slab hardscape

how to build a floating wood patio deck a ground-level floating deck is much simpler to build than a traditional deck attached to your house's structure. a deck makes a great home improvement addition to almost any backyard.【Get Price】

building a patio over buried utility lines today's homeowner

plan carefully: if youre pouring footings or digging holes for posts design your patio or deck around the location of the lines. if youre building a simple shallow paver patio with the right precautions you should be able to build it on top of existing lines.【Get Price】

building a deck over a driveway

building a deck over a driveway on a basement house with a garage door that is positioned beneath it presents some problems not associated with ordinary decks. the most obvious problem is spacing the posts far enough apart so you can drive between them. by spacing these posts further apart additional load is placed on them.【Get Price】

can you build a deck over a septic field

usually decks are allowed over drainfields as long as the piers of the deck are at least two feet from the drainfield trenches and as long as the deck footings do not support a roof.【Get Price】

building a roof over a deck or patio

building on an existing deck. when bolting to the decks structure be sure to use heavy-duty galvanized lag screws that are long enough to penetrate the decks framing by at least 2 inches. in some situations you may be able to use the homes structure to support an overhead above a deck.【Get Price】

building near and over septic tanks van delden

building over septic tanks. sometimes a homeowner may make removable boards or trap doors that lead under a deck to their septic tank lid for access to pump the tank. no permanent structures should be built over any portion of the system but at least in this case the homeowner can pump out their septic tank.【Get Price】

building a deck over a driveway slab. longest span is 20

building a deck over a driveway slab. longest span is 20 feet. a 20 ft and a 13 ft span both ten feet out from the house. length of deck 33 ft. width is 12 feet.【Get Price】

deck minimum clearance over a/c compressor

the deck will still be open underneath with the exception of open stairs on one end so the only thing really changing is the slotted deck 24" above the fan. at least it will be in the shade i don't think any manufacturer will say less than 4' of clearance over the top of the condensing unit.【Get Price】

how to build a deck over a concrete patio

how to build a deck over a concrete patio. the results look just like a deck but getting them is much easier and less expensive than building a deck from scratch. in most cases this project is also less expensive than a new patio installed by a contractor. local contractors estimated costs of $7 to $10 per sq. ft. to remove this patio and【Get Price】

can you build on a property easement?

driveway easements: a typical scenario: you have a deep lot which you subdivide into two front and back . you build your own house on the front lot and sell the back lot. the buyer builds a house on the back lot. to gain access to that back lot the buyer should have a driveway easement.【Get Price】

driveway bridge spans over creek

planning for a driveway with a bridge over a creek. sometimes there is no option except for a driveway to have a bridge that spans over a creek. the first step is to contact the army corps of engineers and find out what regulations govern the site you wish to build on. more often than not this is little more than approval permit which grants permission to build.【Get Price】

how to build a simple deck diy deck building this old

all you need to be successful at diy deck building are some basic carpentry tools and the desire to invest a little sweat equity. the deck shown here features a pressure-treated floor frame that's supported by a ledger board and concrete piers and topped with 5/4-inch decking. apply it over the waterproof membrane.【Get Price】

pavers over concrete: can it be done?

many people want to install pavers over concrete. perhaps they have an old installation built on a concrete slab or perhaps they want to avoid doing the work necessary to rip up an old concrete patio or driveway. installing a base of aggregate may be the best option but perhaps the best is not needed in this situation.【Get Price】

ask the expert

ask the expert - decks and driveways. i have never had a problem putting one xylene based deck paint over another xylene based deck paint. epoxy finishes should never be used on the exterior of a building. they do not hold up the the sun. when you do painting in southwest florida you always have to take into consideration how strong the【Get Price】

how do i support a deck that spans a driveway?

the deck spans my driveway which is the width of a two car garage so a fairly decent span. stack exchange network stack exchange network consists of 175 q and a communities including stack overflow the largest most trusted online community for developers to learn share their knowledge and build their careers.【Get Price】

building a deck over a driveway

affected by the weight of an adjacent slope or nearby driveway or structure. build a deck more than 30 inches high. put up a fence more than six feet high. above adjacent grade and over any story or basement. install a barrier around a【Get Price】

9 outdoor deck designs types and locations

consider locating a deck: on a seldom or unused driveway; over a garage; in an unused side yard; nestled against a hill or on a slope; in the front yard as an enclosed courtyard deck; ready? let's find a type of deck and the best place upon which to build it.【Get Price】